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Her-story Renewal

also posted in HS Headquaters, please post ideas, questions and comments there.

Juls and I have been talking about this for a few months now and have decided what we are going to do in terms of this.

Posting has not improved all that much, and Her-story takes up a lot of time for us. Being a poor university student, paying for the hosting and domain, while not that much still eats out of my money at the worst time of year. I can not afford to pay to renew Her-story this year because I have to spend over $1000 on sailing clinics in May and pay for rent and food as well and I just don't have any money left over.

That being said, Juls and I do not want to see the fabulous community we have let go, so we have a proposition.

If one of you/a group of you wants to get together and somehow donate/make this money to pay for Her-story for the next year, we will continue to run it.

This will show us that you truly want Her-story to be around and the effort and previous money Juls and I have been putting into it is not in vain.

Otherwise come June 4th (when our domain name runs out), Her-story will shut down.

I want to stress that this isn't because Juls and I have become sick of running HS or because we don't love it anymore or anything, but totally because I do not have the money right now, and there isn't much point in us putting time and effort into something that no one gets anything out of.

Sorry that this seems so harsh, this is the best idea we could think of. If any of you have other ideas then please feel free to post them and we can see if they will work.
Also any questions and concerns are more than welcome.

Total Costs:
Domain= $6.95/ year
Hosting = $2.95/ month or $30/year

Total = $36.95 US or $45 Canadian

Your ever loving admins,
Juls and Kate
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